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New ways to adapt and move forward

the only


is change

That's why the sasha group exists.

We’re always finding new ways to bring value to our clients. Have a look and see which of our latest projects fit your current needs. We’d love to collaborate with you!

Taking Collaboration Virtual

We can help your business adapt to new challenges and conditions. Our suite of virtual workshops each focus on a specific focus area from macro strategy to daily execution. You bring your context, we’ll research, prep and facilitate a session designed to get you to decisions and an action plan for the way forward.

The Business Pivot

A practical evaluation of what strengths you can leverage to move forward, identifying barriers to action, and building a prioritized plan to achieving your goals.

Achieving relevance with content

Bring us your brand platform and messaging priorities, and we’ll work with you to develop content ideas grounded in audience listening and cultural context.

Back to Values

We revisit the principles and values that drive your brand and leverage them to guide business and brand decisions moving forward.

Quick transition to digital marketing

with tighter resources, and a mandate to find more ways to conduct business in the digital space, our fundamentals training sessions are built to get an in-house team up to speed and ready to execute.

Breathing new life into brand assets

With production companies at a standstill and social distancing the new norm, shooting and editing new original content is a challenge. With our Mixtape product, we’ll breathe new life into existing assets, just give us access to your library and a focused brief, and we’ll do the rest.

Content, Community, Learning

Weekly digital marketing tactics delivered to your inbox, Stork brings content and community together to provide advice to small businesses across a variety of topics. From growing a podcast audience to paid media tactics, to how to evaluate new and emerging platforms. Topics are influenced by our community and addressed with curated content, deep dives and AMAs with our team and partner experts.

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