the brief

Chalkboard Health had developed a complete system of cold & flu care targeted at Dr. Mom & her circles of care, and was looking to build it into a brand from scratch and launch at an unprecedented time for healthcare.

the work

We wanted to focus on the seamless support of the brand’s integrated care experience and how the brand de-complexifies the flu and its disruption to daily life. From the name to the simple degree signal to convey the brand’s place in health and treatment, to the launch strategy built around the platform of “taking the power out of the flu” we built out a brand strategy that speaks to the calm and simplicity that arises when consumers know what to do when, and how.



medical care


brand naming

brand  strategy

brand identity

website development

packaging development

work with us

The Fluent brand identity centers around the degree symbol “F” allowing a simple yet universal tie to healthcare. From this flowed a vibrant color palette that can be used to connote the focus areas that the fluent system can treat, and carry through to color codes on packaging.