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When Sasha Vaynerchuk came to America with nothing and built a wine business, that was impressive. When he let his 22-year-old son Gary get involved, that was crazy. But Gary’s ideas worked. He took the Wine Library from $4 million to $60 million in just a few years.

Gary went on to co-found VaynerMedia, which now services clients like PepsiCo, GE, Johnson and Johnson, Chase, and AB InBev. But he’s always had heart for entrepreneurs like his dad. That’s why he created the Sasha Group.

Entrepreneurship is in our DNA. We know it’s risky business. We know your dollars have to work as hard as you do. We know because it’s our story too.

Sasha means helper, and we have the heart and expertise to help small businesses unlock explosive growth.

Let’s go.

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Sasha Vaynerchuk opens Wine Library in Springfield, New Jersey

Sasha Group


Gary starts VaynerMedia with his brother AJ. The NY Jets are their first client.

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Introduces small business marketing with VaynerMedia, Chattanooga.

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Launches consulting services at VaynerMedia.


Gary Vaynerchuk grows Wine Library’s revenue from $4MM to $60MM.

Sasha Group


In an agency model, VaynerMedia grows from $0 to $100MM in 7 years.

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Launches 4Ds education leveraging VaynerX expertise.

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Introducing The Sasha Group for small businesses.

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