Jetson sells those super fun electric scooters and non-electric scooters for kids. They were doing great in retail sales but had not yet cracked eCommerce. They knew they were missing out on a big opportunity. Our goal was to use the upcoming holiday season to jumpstart their business online.


We took over their small paid media budget on Black Friday and implemented a media plan and structure designed to generate sustainable growth over time.

  • Jetson enjoyed their highest single month in revenue during the campaign, outperforming the next best month by 60%
  • Grew return on ad spend by 113% over a four month period
  • Increased conversion rate by 146% as we scaled
  • Jetson is seeing holiday-level sales results in their offseason, and have built up a rich store of data, which will make for even more precise targeting for the next holiday push.


increase in return on ad spend


increase in conversion rate


growth in single month revenue