Young Nails is a family business that manufactures nail care products. After early growth, they had plateaued as they tapped out their B2B audience. They became a Mentors client, and together we set out to kickstart their growth.


We built out a full growth plan for their team. This included a brand refresh, warehousing and ops support, a shift to direct-to-consumer sales, and a “brand as publisher” content strategy.


  • There’s been no stopping the leadership team at Young Nails, who are going from win to win. They’ve expanded their offering, and are producing true relevance at scale with their passionate audience of cosmetologists.
  • Re-imagined their distribution channel and found new efficiencies
  • Structured and built a new content creation team
  • Produced video content that increased their Black Friday sales 3X over the year prior.

The Sasha Group completely changed our business in the last three months in terms of actual sales — not just followers.

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