After expanding to two cities outside of Colorado, Pizzeria Locale discovered the brand equity of the founders being award-winning chefs was not resonating in those new markets. This led to them closing the expansion locations and tapping a local branding agency to help solidify the reasoning behind Pizzeria Locale entering the crowded pizza market.

While they were excited about clearly defining the brand for the first time since its inception in 2011, they needed the right partner to help launch their social and digital presence in a way that would not be a burden on their internal team. That’s where we came in.


To prove we would be a good fit with their team, we started with a three-month test on Facebook and Google Search. To keep costs down, we repurposed assets from their existing content bank, through the lens of their new brand strategy.

After increasing sales in our test campaign we have since helped Pizzeria Locale launch their online ordering experience, open new locations, and develop new ways of working with local videographers to provide the Sasha team with un-edited image and video assets so we can have new content without sending the Sasha team to Denver.

  • By the end of our initial test in Q1 2019, we helped Pizzeria Locale reach their highest sales ever (YoY traffic up 32% and 15% across their two locations).
  • Launched online ordering and supported with paid media on social.
  • Found local efficiencies by leveraging local freelancers to document on site events, dovetailing with Sasha group support for ad creation and media.
  • We supported them as they opened a third location with the highest sales for a new restaurant.


increase in YoY traffic

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