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Ditch the smoke and mirrors. Our education offerings cover the fundamentals and empower you to handle digital marketing on your own.

From platform best practices, to a full contemporary marketing curriculum (like our signature 4Ds immersion), we’ll teach you the ropes on what it means to market in the year we live in.

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At 4Ds, we give you access to the unparalleled IP of our best, brightest, and boldest minds through Vayner-led workshops.

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A recent 4Ds session with Gary in Miami.

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4Ds hosted at VaynerX's office at Hudson Yards, NYC.

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Experts throughout VaynerX teach tips and tricks to get the most out of digital marketing.

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Gary introduces the 4Ds.

4Ds (Digital Discovery & Deep Dive)

A day of immersive marketing workshops led by VaynerX’s most senior leadership, including our CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk. Each group has no more than 12 attendees, so we can mold workshops to everyone’s respective goals.

Best Practices Accelerator

A full audit of your digital presence and how you’re spending marketing resources. We’ll teach you to maximize ad dollars with best practices for media buying as well as channel and content allocation.

Personal Brand Architecture

Designed for high-performing individuals from business owners, corporate C-suite to artists and creators, we take you through a comprehensive approach to structuring a brand story, growing an audience, and optimizing presence across the contemporary channel mix.

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Two Blind Brothers

“If you’re familiar with Gary, you know he puts out content on a daily basis. But you don’t have that high touch contact to really understand where it’s coming from. So with a program like the 4Ds, you get to visit VaynerMedia, spend a day in the office, and really understand how it works. You see the truth of it, the spirit of the office, and how they produce content at scale.”

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J.D. Frost & Company

A Chattanooga-local CPA firm looking to serve as the ‘entrepreneur’s CPA’, JD Frost & Company came to the Sasha Group looking to build their knowledge and skills around content creation and paid media performance. We guided their team through the process for how to use their resources more effectively. And gave them the playbook so they can then replicate the approach for future campaigns.

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