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Reflecting on 100 episodes.

In honor of our 100th episode, we thought it would be a great time to check in with previous guests and see what’s happened since we last spoke to them. Listen to our guests share exciting new updates like viral TikToks, exciting partnerships, launching NFTs, and more! We hope you are encouraged by how far our guests have come!

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"Since our podcast in February, so much has happened, where do I start? With the support of The Sasha Group and GaryVee, I finally launched on TikTok in April and we went viral! Our highest viewed video was watched 7.5 million times and that one video alone generated over $30,000 in sales.”

Alice KimFounder and CEO, PerfectDD


[00:00:00] Katie: Welcome to Building While Flying, a Sasha Group podcast where we interview business leaders about how they tackle challenges, stay resilient and navigate ever-changing skies.


[00:00:13] Joe: back to a special episode of Building While Flying to commemorate a hundred episodes. We’re following up with previous All-star guests to hear about the progress they’ve made since their episode. We’re excited to check back in with previous guests to see how they’ve grown since our conversation.

[00:00:28] Alice: Hi, my name is Alice and I’m the founder of Perfected. So since our podcast in February, so much has happened. Where do I start? Um, with the support of The, Sasha, Group, and GaryVee. I finally launched on TikTok in April, and we went viral. So our highest view video was viewed 7.6 million times, and that one video alone generated over $30,000 in sales.

So Gary, you are right. Thank you so, so much. I’m a Tori Birch fellow. Super excited about that. To learn more and grow our business, actress Jenna Fisher from the office wore our muscle T on her book tour. So what an incredible surprise that was. We’re growing, have my. Full-time hire this summer. We launched on, so our first wholesale partner, which is super, super exciting and I’m so grateful that they believed in me and the brand and our biggest dream come true.

Guys, are you ready? We had three billboards in Times Square. I was born and raised in New York, and that’s always been a dream. The launch of our new category. So I sell clothing, but sports bras is new. And we had our launch party at Samsung Gallery in Meat packing district. Guys. So much more to come. And this is just the beginning.

So Sasha, Group, Gary, thank you so much for your support, and I’m here to celebrate your hundredth episode. 

[00:01:56] Anita: Yay. I’m Anita Laney, the c e o, and founder of belu, the leading provider of supplier diversity solutions and advertising Immediate. I wanted to just stop by and share with you a few of the exciting things we’ve been working on since we appeared on the podcast last December.

First, we fully transitioned from a consulting firm to a tech services firm. Really excited about that. Secondly, we’ve launched our data loop for ad tech platform offering, enabling users to report and. Spin on diverse, programmatic and diverse content creators. And thirdly, comScore selected Data Loop as its diversity partner of record.

This will be a game changer as it will allow comScore subscribers to seek diversity classifications through their portal. These are all significant achievements that will help companies find diverse suppliers in the areas where the spends going, programmatic and content creation. So check us out data

If you’re a diverse supplier, we wanna know about you. And if you’re looking for diverse suppliers, we want to hear from. Anita Laney, the company’s data, Lou, check us Congratulations on the hundredth episode of Building While Flying. Take care. Bye-bye. 

[00:03:33] Anouck: Hi, this is an, I’m the CEO at Belgian Boys and I’m so happy to be back, uh, on the episode, uh, where we’ve been at since April.

Oh, so much has happened since April and this year was quite crazy, right. Um, we’ve grown our retail presence, which has been so exciting. We can now be, we are now available in Whole Foods Global, so you can find our refrigerated breakfast line right above the eggs, which is amazing. And super excited about other retail partnerships like Meyer.

Uh, next week you’ll be able to find us at a thousand Kroger stores, which is just super, super exciting for us. Our team has grown by a lot. We are now 25 amazing people that I learned from every day and I’m so grateful to have on our team. We’ve had super cool partnerships such as Chamberlain Coffee, and many.

And what’s next? Well, next year we are launching one more product, which will be, ah, I can’t tell. Well, you’ll have to have me back on another episode. 

[00:04:44] Gio: Thanks for having me. Hey guys, I’m Giovanni Vaccaro and I’m a co-founder and chief brand officer at Glam Squad. And if you haven’t heard of us, we are a mobile tech beauty company that’s been around for.

Almost 10 years. We’re still a startup though, . I was on Building, While Flying about a year and a half ago when I vividly remember our conversation. Um, we talked a great deal about leadership and the importance of transparent communication and being decisive in your decision making. And how important that is, especially in this new work from home environment and during, you know, a pandemic.

I can proudly say, I couldn’t say this back then, but I could say now that we’ve recovered, uh, most of our 2019 businesses, were pretty much back to scale, which, Again, in today’s world with a service-based company is not the norm. It all came down to really recommitting ourselves to the end user. In our case, it’s our beauty professionals and our clients.

Um, we really focused on the client’s overall experience. Uh, we put resources behind cx. We put resources behind the teams that support our pros, and we also committed ourselves to 2021 to look at all of our systems, all of our platforms, all of our onboarding and marketing, and said, what’s working? What’s not working and how can we make something X better?

Did a full audit, which is something that I highly recommend for any business, um, to recalibrate, but also, you know, it may even save you a ton of money. We spent a lot of time really gathering feedback and listening to, uh, our pros and our clients and learning from them on how their mindset has maybe shifted during, during Covid.

And so keeping in mind always your why, your point of. And the end user and what you can learn from them. So we took, we took that as our motto and we just, uh, we dove right in. 2023 is going to be a massive year for us. Uh, I’m very confident based on the partnerships that are coming our way, the types of events that glance what’s gonna be a part of which is great.

We also have expansion on the horizon. We’re launching in new markets, which is super exciting for us. Something we haven’t done in a little bit. and we have parts of our business that are absolutely booming like our weddings business. Of course, you can imagine how many bride. And grooms thought they were getting married years ago and didn’t, and now they’re all doing it at the same time.

So, , it’s great for our business. Um, we, we have much to look forward to. Please stay connected with us if you haven’t done so already. Glam, at Glam squad on Instagram and um, and download our Glam Squad app if you wanna book a service. Uh, we’re here for you. I’ll see you guys 

[00:07:18] Kyra: soon. Hi, my name is Kiara Peralt.

I’m creator of the Traveling Diary Tour, and I’d love to give you an update on what has happened since that last episode. Since that last episode, I’ve been very intentional about creating more opportunities for women in our community. To connect with one another. So I’ve increased the number of virtual events and also the number of in-person events that we have for members to meet in person.

I’ve also increased the number of diaries that we have in circulation, so we’re up to 53 diaries in circulation across 31 countries, and that number will continue to. In order to meet the strong demand of our wait list, I’ve also created NFTs. Um, they will launch on December 10th and what they are are portraits of our times of our culture.

And the moments that we’re currently living in and through, but through the lens of the traveling diaries. So be on the lookout for those on December 10th. I’m also a speaker at N F T NYC 2023, so if you plan to get a ticket for N F T NYC 2023, look for. I will be there talking about community. So this is my update for the Traveling Diary community.

Since that last episode, wonderful things are happening. Thank you so much for listening and for tuning in. I wish you a joyous and productive 2023.

[00:09:16] Katie: Thanks for joining us for Building While Flying today. I hope you learned as much as we did. We’ll meet you right back here next time for another flight.

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Let’s check in with previous guests.

In honor of our 100th episode, we thought it would be a great time to check in with previous guests and see what’s happened since we last spoke to them. Listen to our guests share exciting new updates like viral TikToks, exciting partnerships, launching NFTs, and more! We hope you are encouraged by how far our guests have come!

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  • Anita Laney, Founder and CEO of DataLou
  • Anouck Gotlib, CEO of Belgian Boys
  • Giovanni Vaccaro, Co-Founder and CBO of Glamsquad
  • Kyra Peralte, Creator of The Traveling Diary Tour

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