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Breaking down what’s getting in your way

Advisory Services

For those managing the work in-house and looking for ongoing access to our team to address questions and provide feedback on a variety of business areas. Like a C-Suite on speed dial.

SMB Launchkit

The SMB ADS LAUNCHKIT is a full-service package to grow your business. You’ll receive strategic consulting, paid media management, and creative advertising support to grow your business online. The SMB ADS LAUNCHKIT is our most affordable full service offering.

Solution Sessions

Project-based engagements. When you have a clear understanding of the challenge you’d like to address, our team can develop a solutions session and design a strategy/ plan for your implementation.

Mentors Program

A highly selective, three-year growth-share partnership for established businesses looking to accelerate their business development.

Access @GaryVee’s team of experts

Every growing business reaches points in their development where they could benefit from an experienced ally stepping in to provide guidance and shine a light on the way forward.

Sasha Consulting offerings were developed to address these needs while providing access to our team of experienced cross-disciplinary leaders.

Imagine having access to GaryVee’s former COO, oCEO, and SVPs as you address the questions facing your business.

Leading a company can be a lonely role. We made the decision to offer hourly advisory packages because we had early stage business leaders asking for access to pick our brains in addressing a multitude of questions across our areas of business expertise. The advantage to Sasha advisory hours is that you’re not committing to any single person on our team. You’ll work with your lead consultant to establish the agenda for calls ahead of time and we’ll bring the right Sasha team member to the table. Imagine having access to Gary Vee’s former COO, oCEO, and SVPs as you address the questions facing your business. Need a CMO but don’t have one on your team yet? You can lean on us in the mean-time.

All hourly advisory packages include instructions, templates, resource articles, and in-network referrals, as relevant to the client’s needs. Hours may be used for advisory calls and for review of client submitted documents, plans, etc. and Sasha Group outlining of feedback and recommendations. These packages do not include any execution (e.g. strategy development, creative development, media planning or buying).

SMB Launchkit

For SMBs who are looking for a full-service Paid Media package. From consulting and website strategy, to creative development and paid media execution and management. This package is ideal for companies looking to grow their website traffic, leads, or local brand awareness.

Paid Media Strategy

Paid Ads Management

Dj’d Creative Assets

Solutions Sessions are project-based consulting engagements

The Solutions Sessions process takes 4 -6 weeks from kickoff to completion. We begin with a deep dive into your business and the information relevant to the project we’re undertaking for you. Following research into your business landscape, we plan for a collaborative session with your team to workshop ideation territories we’re gravitating towards and get your feedback and inputs. We’ll then schedule a presentation of the final deliverable.

We offer solutions sessions with the following outputs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for let’s connect and see if we can design something that does.

  • Brand architecture
  • Comms architecture
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Playbook
  • Social Media Voice and Persona
  • Unconscious Bias Training
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion ally training
  • Organizational Culture Strategy & Playbook
  • Organizational Design Assessment & Recommendations

We win when you win

Mentors is a highly selective, three-year growth-share partnership for established businesses looking to accelerate their business growth.  The program includes the development of a three-year growth plan, time with our CEO, Gary Vaynerchuk, to set the strategic objectives and provide feedback on your implementation, and significant time in training and consulting from senior members of the Sasha team over the course of three (3) years.

Each year we select a few established companies (5+ years old) in the CPG, Retail, Professional Services and B2B Technology sectors with annual revenue of $10M-$50M who fit one of two scenarios…


The business has plateaued and they’re looking for help identifying and overcoming the growth hurdles


The business is growing but they are about to (or know they need to, with help) diversify their offering and want to maximize the opportunity to make sure they’ve got a stable foundation in place to support further growth.

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